Future of Sustainable Packaging

1. Industry giants and community groups work together to deal with the plastic packaging waste crisis in Australia

On 12 July 2018, with the generous support of Bloomberg Australia, representatives of the Australian Department of environment and sustainable development and green organisations met with community groups, leading commercial retailers and industry giants and gathered at Bloomberg Australia headquarters in Sydney to hold a unique Seminar on environmental sustainable development, with the purpose of discussing the changes of consumer packaging, Infrastructure gaps that need to be filled to improve Australia's waste collection, treatment and recycling capacity, and discuss the future of plastic packaging and a more sustainable future in this industry. According to the team members participating in the event, Australian consumers are more concerned about the pollution of plastic waste than ever before.

Justin Dowel, the CEO of a major Australian manufactuerer of household cleaning and personal care products, said: "For the sustainable development of an enterprise, first of all, the person in charge needs to know where the raw materials come from and what impact it will have, because it will return to the ocean in the future. These are all things that need to be considered. As we all know, if we don't cover our food with plastic, we will infect E. coli and even die. However, what we really need to discuss is the impact of plastic on the environment The impact on our health. This is a bigger problem. Therefore, our company uses blow molding machine to produce 100% recycled plastics, which is also the largest recycled PET user in Australia. We cannot produce amber plastic bottles that can only be used once. We must turn to reusable transparent bottles—— If you want color, put it on a colorful coat. "

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